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25 - 27 May 2018Sandton Convention Centre

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Studio 19

One of our favourite things to do is to collaborate with people. The journey of working with other creatives is both exciting and challenging. The opportunity to meet other artists and learn about their mediums and techniques is a little bit of ice cream in our day. We believe that 100% handmade in South Africa is one of our strongest, most defining (not always simple) characteristics. We take huge pride in our growing team of local craftspeople and continue to educate and mentor new apprentices to ensure that these skills remain a powerful and valuable part of our country and business. We love empowering those around us to achieve in their respective fields so that we grow as one cohesive industry. There are no limits to our interests. Often our primary involvement in a project leads to a number of angles of collaboration. Anything to do with design has everything to do with us and we will play at any opportunity.

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Studio 19