Design Joburg

25 - 27 May 2018Sandton Convention Centre

Creative Directors

Image by DNX Interiors

Andrea Kleinloog and Megan Hesse, co-owners of Anatomy Design and HK Studio, were appointed as Creative Directors of Design Joburg and took the show to new heights. This dynamic design duo’s role spearheaded the creation of the show’s unique proposition. Employing their unprecedented experience, Andrea and Megan steered this wholly collaborative and integrated approach to craft a show that was the vanguard of design in South Africa.

“Our approach combined interesting and resourceful exhibits, cutting-edge technology and the best craftsmanship. We created a refreshing show where visitors, the public and industry alike, found inspiration, suppliers and solutions all in one space,” says Andrea Kleinloog, adding “We wanted to break the mould of a traditional expo and create a live Pinterest board, which we certainly did.”
Andrea Kleinloog

Sumari Krige is one of SA’s most prominent interior designers and also the Creative Director of Rooms on View, a feature within Design Joburg. Her La Grange Interiors décor and furniture store was founded in 1996 and has become a major influencer on local style.

Her impact on SA’s décor landscape means she’s well placed as one of the creative forces behind the Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View brand. Sumari’s style-icon status makes her an invaluable part of the show’s visionary team.

Andrea Kleinloog
Megan Hesse