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Design your life, Get relax, Live comfy.

Is ıt knowladge,the reason of our comport sitting products and Modern Furniture, or stıck to the size and calculate every cantimeter?, using the quality metarial on right place? Or falling in endless  LOVE with our work ?

All the products  that we porduce are for using our customers comfy and designed furnitures,fort hat our company  manage to convey to domestic and  oversea the best showrooms.

‘’homage ‘’ is the best with limitless design cognisance  for  Comfy,Premium, quality products.


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Diamond Corner

Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, Diamond Corner is a seating system with different forms that can be combined with each other. Squared and curved elements can be used together in the same composition to create areas with an intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

Dimensions: 420x290/90x75

Diamond CornerDiamond Corner

Pietra Sideboard

The subtle lines and details by the designer meet the expert hands that shape the wood. Art & Craftsmanship together to bring pieces that intend to change spaces through their beauty.

Dimensions: 230x50x80

Pietra SideboardPietra Sideboard

Icon Bed

Wish is the best example of the use of wood and attention given to details to create a timeless classic. A bed in solid walnut wood with minimal, refined lines, which combine with the woods of the structure.

Dimensions: 215x215x90

Icon BedIcon Bed