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ROMO Fabrics

ROMO SA has developed into an accomplished business that, due to the passion and commitment of our family and our loyal employees, has continued to expand and evolve over the years. Growing into a market leader of designer fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories, the company now has seven brands and is renowned for the highest quality of product and design together with an efficient service supported by excellent stock levels.  

ROMO SA remains very much a family business.

ELEY KISHIMOTO - London-based studio have gained global notoriety through a piethora of outputs ranging from fashion, to diverse architectural and design collaborations. Eley Kishimoto "the patrons saints of prints" joined forces with influential ROMO brand Kirkby Design working in collaboration with one another. This collaboration with Eley Kishimoto have also created designs for top fashion houses including Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

LINARA by ROMO - A journey of colour.

A beautiful medium of inspiration, colour is everywhere and forms our perception of the world around us. Discover a palette of endless possibilities; in a compelling display of 360 shades, our iconic Linara brushed cotton linen offers an unrivalled spectrum of colour that allows a freedom of expression and individuality. Both primaries, soft pastels and timeless neutrals are all considerably curated to create a sophisticated library of desirable shades.


Shop 9 Kramer Road

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Dimensions: 140cm

Cost per unit: R 595


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Dimensions: 147cm

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