Design Joburg

24 - 26 May 2019Sandton Convention Centre

Banquet, by Heather Boting

Banquet, by Heather Boting

Heather Boting knows how to style a table. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party or an intimate dinner for two, she always puts some thought and passion into her settings to create something breathtaking. She relishes in seeing guest’s reactions when they come over for lunch or dinner.

For Design Joburg’s table setting display - entitled Banquet - Heather has put some charming pieces together. With 3 table settings each in their own unique colour theme, visitors can take inspiration from combinations of textures and aesthetics. So expect industrial style dining tables with wicker chairs, Italian table linen and cutlery in shades of gold, rose gold and platinum.

No table setting is complete without flowers which is where local flower-smith Botanicus comes in, putting together spectacular arrangements for each of the settings.

It's often the small considerations that make your guests feel extra special so why not visit our celebratory table settings exhibit at Design Joburg.